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 = Q & A =
 * What are the major changes in the latest version?
-** Support for an arbitrary number of saves
-** Completely redone trait system
-** Portraits: Yuyuko and Ran
-** Reworked CH2ST3 and a new mechanic for CH2ST5
+** Complete UI overhaul
+** New world map
+** Reworked spell relations, and added a talents system for spell types each unit is good at.
+** New sprites and portraits for some of the enemies
 * What are some new features that are planned?
 ** New missions: Chapter 4 and Chapter 3 side missions
 *What platform is this for?
 ** We have an executable build for Windows, but since we are using Python/Pygame, this game should also work with Mac OSX and Linux. The prerequisites for running from source are [[|Python 2.X]] and [[|Pygame 1.9.1]] Please download the source code release for those platforms.
 ** For Linux, there is also a [[|**ArchLinux Package Page**]].
+*** Fedora Linux users, please see [[|this note]] if you run into an Unrecognized Music Format error.
 *Contact Info?
 **IRC: / #lostskyproject