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 = About =
 Story of a Lost Sky is a Turn Based Strategy RPG with gameplay that is similar to Fire Emblem. Units are placed on a tile map and each side takes turns moving and attacking. Outside the battle map, the player is able to customize their characters and equip new spells and traits. The game is developed in Python using the Pygame library. A Windows executable is available on our downloads page. Mac OSX and Linux are only supported through source version. You’ll need to install Python v2.X (Python 3.X is not supported.) and the latest version of Pygame v1.9.1 as of this post.
-= Latest Release Announcement (Version 0.9.0)=
-== July 5, 2013 ==
+= Latest Release Announcement (Version 0.9.1)=
+Version 0.9.1 is a bugfix and new content release for Story of a Lost Sky
+- We fixed a number of bugs that were recently discovered in 0.9.0
+- A new Mokou battle sprite by Aleisha has been added
+- A new battle theme by Crescentia for the Chapter 3 finale battle has been added.
+It is recommended that everyone who has 0.9.0 update to this version. The save files should copy over: Please move all the save data files (*.dat) from the "data" folder to 0.9.1's data folder.
+== Old announcement for 0.9.0 ==
 This version represents four months of work on overhauling the main user interface throughout the game. Most every menu in the game has been touched up. It represents a major step forward since we're now able to focus on the game's aesthetics instead of only working on the engine. A major contribution has been the new look of the world map, done by Almondette. Keyk has also contributed a number of enemy sprites and portraits for units like the wind weasels and fireflies. Some changes have also been made to the battle system, streamlining some unneeded complexity in the way the spell relationships and unit talents work.