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add home page to the footer

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    site-desc*    "芝麻IT业界新闻动态"               ; for rss feed
    site-color*   (color 180 180 180)
    border-color* (color 180 180 180)
-   footer*       "<a title='意见、建议反馈' href=''>意见反馈</a>
+   footer*       "<a title='芝麻问答' href=''>芝麻问答</a>
+         | <a title='意见、建议反馈' href=''>意见反馈</a>
          | <a href=''>联系我们</a>   
          | <a href=''>关于本站</a>
          | <a href=''>网站FAQ</a>
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