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Thank you for reporting a bug!

By doing this you make sure we know there is a bug and we can start working on a fix!

Before you type up your bug report, please make sure you are playing the latest version, as the bug you want to report might already be fixed in the newer versions.

You can find the latest versions on Patreon or on the Discord server.

If you have a Devtest-version, please inlcude this in the title of the report.

When reporting a bug, it is really helpful if you include what you were doing exactly. A detailed description of the problem and the your choices up to that point will help is find, recreate and fix the issue much faster.

What we would like to know:

When reporting a bug, you can help us by including:

  1. The game version. (Select via the version dropdown). If you see a later version in the dropdown, you can download that new version and check if the bug hasn’t been fixed.

  2. All red errors (copy and paste/ Screenshot if possible).

  3. A description of what you were doing. And on what passage.

  4. If you were playing online or offline. (Select via the component dropdown).

  5. A description of how you got the scene.

  6. A copy of the debug info from the game. You can find this in the debug menu of the game by choosing View variables or Create a report.

  7. Your Discord, Patreon or F95 username (or any name), so we can thank you and include you in the game credits :).

You can also create a Bitbucket account to report the bugs, this way we can ask you some questions when we have difficulty recreating the bug you reported. And you also don't have to complete an annoying Captcha :).

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