DOLFIN HPC is a special branch of DOLFIN optimized for distributed
memory architectures. Based on DOLFIN 0.8.0, the HPC branch is
parallelized using a hybrid MPI/OpenMP approach with parallel local
mesh refinement, dynamic load balancing and parallel I/O (MPI
I/O). The implementation is portable and has been verified to work on
several different architectures such as SGI Origin systems, IBM
BlueGene/L and Cray XT6-XE6 systems.

The package dependencies of DOLFIN HPC are:

    * ufc 1.1
    * ffc 0.5.1
    * ParMETIS
    * Supported LA-backend (currently PETSc or JANPACK)


DOLFIN HPC uses autotools. To build and install the package, follow
these steps:

1. ./configure
2. make 
3. make install

DOLFIN HPC can be build with various options, issue ./configure --help
to list all of them.