Automated Solution of Differential Equations by the Finite Element Method -- The FEniCS Book

This is the source for the "FEniCS Book". The book was published by
Springer in 2012:

  • To build the book, simply type

    make final

  • For "quick" build (not including bibliography and index), simply type:


  • A number of scripts are provided to check for errors:

    ./ (this checks for common typos and inconsistencies)

    ./ (this runs a spellchecker on all chapters)

    ./ (this checks that the book builds without warnings)

  • The file named TODO contains a list of things that need to be fixed
    by the editors, the publisher and the authors.

  • The BPF form is located inside the folder springer/forms.

  • CTP forms will be submitted separately.

  • The repository for the book is located at

  • Tutorial example files reside in 3 different repositories:

    • This repository (the book)
    • The DOLFIN repository (as unit tests)
    • The FEniCS Web repository (as book resources)