This repository documents the conversion of the FEniCS code repositories from Bazaar (hosted on Launchpad) to Git (hosted on Bitbucket) 2013-04-05.

The conversion includes the following repositories:

dolfin dorsal ferari ffc fiat instant ufc ufl fenics-web fenics-book

The conversion was done using the script

That script does the following for each repository:

  1. Convert from bzr to git
  2. Convert and import all feature branches on Launchpad
  3. Clean out certain files (big files) from the histories or DOLFIN and FFC
  4. Push the new repository to Bitbucket (only master branches)

After completion of the script, the following steps were taken manually:

  1. Archive this repository (containing everything) to both Bitbucket and the FEniCS web server

Note to self: run the conversion script with the following commands:

unset LANG time ./ | tee conversion.log