FEniCS documentation and webpage


The FEniCS Web has been retired. We now use Wordpress to maintain our website.

The repository contains the source for the pages at

  • How to: generate web pages

    make web

    This will read .rst files from the 'source' directory and generate .html files in the 'build/html' directory.

  • How to: import documentation

    make import_docs

    This will import documentation input files (.rst) from all projects, build .html files and add those to 'build/html'. Running this script requires that all projects (currently DOLFIN and UFL) have been built and that the environment variables DOLFIN_DIR and UFL_DIR have been set.

  • How to: publish web pages

    make publish

    This will upload the generated pages from 'build/html' to, including both the web pages and the documentation pages. Running this script requires access to the account

  • How to: do it all

    make all

    This is equivalent to running all of the above targets.