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Update links for ufl and fiat to github. Replace constant in demos with coefficient of real space.
Only thing to get ci green is to update reference data, which i dont have access to do.

The change in elementtables.py updates the number of dofs in the same way as the unique_table_types are updated.

The second change in tools.py corrects the assumption that the quadrature points are uniquely defined through the number of quadrature points . That is not true, as then number of quadrature points for intervals are defined in FIAT as: num_points_per_axis = (degree + 1 + 1) // 2`. Similarly, third and fourth order triangle schemes have the same order (https://bitbucket.org/fenics-project/fiat/src/dd99c9e6b3d01d21f584215a2bfcde7e1bf3a3ad/FIAT/quadrature_schemes.py#lines-121:137). Therefore, I propose to only keep the highest order quadrature rule.

Additionally, this test is never entered, as it would cause errors due to the boolean evaluation of a numpy array, and that the weights are compared to the points in the second assert statement

Corresponding pull request in dolfin with tests highlighting these issues will be added.

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