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DeLVe : DownLoad Videos!

A Ruby Command-Line Interfaced application to a lot of websites' videos.


Usage: ./main.rb   ‹folder› ‹URI›⁺

‹folder›: Destination Folder
‹URI›: webpage address | quoted string |

Case Study

Here you have a show you would like to backup, pick its address. It should look
like http://videos.arte.tv/fr/videos/tracks--7483976.html.

Download the show with:

./main.rb ~/Downloads http://videos.arte.tv/fr/videos/tracks--7483976.html


  • ruby ≥ 1.9
  • rtmpdump ≥ 2.3
  • curl | wget
  • youtube-dl (facultative)

List of supported websites

Adding support for another website

You have to make a new file inside recipes/. It has to be named the same as
the class implementation it contains, which has to finish with ‘Recipe’.

  • The initialize method has to pass arguments to the super class and define
    this recipe's @name
  • The accept static method enables the program to match fitting URIs so it
    must return a boolean.
  • The run method will do the hard work of fetching & moving data. It has
    access to attributes from recipe.rb. Take a look there.

To get you started in adding recipes to your favourite download machine, take a
look at recipes/YoutubeDLRecipe.rb for example!