blogerl / rel / rel.conf

{sys, [
    {lib_dirs, ["../apps/", "../apps/blogerl/deps/"]},
    {rel, "blogerl", "0.9.0",
    {boot_rel, "blogerl"},
    {incl_cond, exclude},
    {relocatable, true},
    {profile, embedded},
    {app_file, strip},
    {debug_info, strip},
    {erts, [
      {mod_cond, derived},
      {app_file, strip}
    {app, stdlib, [{mod_cond, derived},
                   {incl_cond, include}]},
    {app, syntax_tools, [{mod_cond, derived}, {incl_cond, include}]},
    {app, kernel, [{incl_cond, include}]},
    {app, blogerl, [{vsn, "0.9.0"},
                    {app_file, keep},
                    {incl_cond, include},
                    {debug_info, keep}]},
    {app, markdown, [{app_file, all},
                     {incl_cond, include}]},
    {app, erlydtl, [{incl_cond, include}]},
    {app, mochiweb, [{incl_app_filters, [
                     {incl_cond, include}]},
    {app, compiler, [{incl_cond, include}]}
    %% also explain other options
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