1. Fred T-H
  2. blogerl


blogerl / demo-blog / conf.cfg

%% template compiling config
{sourcedir, "src/"}.
{outdir, "compiled/"}.
{index, [{files, "index.cfg"}, {tpl, "index.tpl"}, {out, "index.html"}]}.
{markdown, [".md.tpl"]}.
%% note: RSS uses the <article> tag from HTML5 to find the entry's content
%% It must be part of your template in order to be used.
{rss, [{tpl, "rss.tpl"}, {out, "feed.rss"}, {num_entries, 5}]}.

%% config available within the templates
% [{url, [{base, "/"},
%         {img, "/static/img/"},
%         {js, "/static/js/"},
%         {css, "/static/css/"}]}]}.
%% Without a web server, just to test, replace the path
 [{url, [{base, "file:///home/ferd/code/blogerl/demo-blog/compiled/"},
         {img, "file:///home/ferd/code/blogerl/demo-blog/compiled/static/img/"},
         {js, "file:///home/ferd/code/blogerl/demo-blog/compiled/static/js/"},
         {css, "file:///home/ferd/code/blogerl/demo-blog/compiled/static/css/"}]}]}.