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moving the ugly unlinking from the server to the client

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 %% Description: Removes a client's listener from a given user.
 disconnect(Id, HandlerId) ->
-    usr:unsubscribe(Id, HandlerId).
+    usr:unsubscribe(Id, HandlerId),
+    %% leftover link from the event manager. Total break of
+    %% encapsulation here, but is needed to deal with process pools.
+    unlink(global:whereis_name({manager,Id})).
 %% Function: message(From, To, Message) -> ok


     Msgs = client:listen(Nick,Handler),
     JSON = mochijson2:encode([json_prepare(M) || M <- Msgs]),
     client:disconnect(Nick, Handler),
-    %% mochiweb uses a process pool. We work around that here. aack :(
-    unlink(global:whereis_name({manager,Nick})),
     reply(Req, JSON, Params);
 handle("/history", Req) ->
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