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fixing a bug in the termination order of user processes

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 %% Function: terminate(UserId, Reason) -> true
 %% Description: kills the supervisor which should trickle down to the
-%% children.
+%% children. The commands to remove the supervisor are ran within an
+%% independent process. This is necessary because otherwise,
+%% terminating the user will keep it from deleting its own child spec
+%% from the chut supervisor.
 terminate(UserId) ->
-    supervisor:terminate_child(chut_user_supersup, UserId),
-    supervisor:delete_child(chut_user_supersup, UserId).
+    proc_lib:spawn(fun() ->
+        supervisor:terminate_child(chut_user_supersup, UserId),
+        supervisor:delete_child(chut_user_supersup, UserId)
+    end).
 %% Function: subscribe(UserId) -> {ok, HandlerId}
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