Fred T-H committed 5e7ae48

refined test suite to catch the exit signal from the manager

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 %% timing out, and that once it stops listening, the user does time out.
 usr_subscribe(_Config) ->
-    process_flag(trap_exit, true), % only needed for the test to succeed?
     [Id, Sleep, Expected] = [id, 500, [{monitor, id}, id, {manager,id}]],
     IsProc = fun(Name) -> lists:member(Name, global:registered_names()) end,
     usr:start(Id, Sleep, 0),
     true = lists:all(IsProc, Expected),
     usr:unsubscribe(Id, Handler),
+    process_flag(trap_exit, true),
     false = lists:any(IsProc, Expected),
+    receive
+        {'EXIT',_Pid, killed} -> ok
+    after 500 ->
+        io:format("Process won't die after the event manager did!~n")
+    end,
 %% notified of the user's death and exits the same way.
 client_aware_crashed_user(_Config) ->
-    process_flag(trap_exit, true), % not actually needed?
     A = make_ref(),
     {ok, H} = client:connect(A),
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