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Updating benchmark info.

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 * Basic history logs from previous conversations
 * General test suite
 * Should be a standard OTP application
-* First [[Benchmarks|stress tests/benchmarks]]
+* [[Benchmarks|Benchmarks]] of Chut's core
 === How it works ===
 The first concept to understand is the idea of clients and users. A client is basically a connection from a socket, web server, browser tab, whatever. The user is a bunch of processes that represent a real world user. Clients connect to a user and can route messages through them for another user, which in turns routes them to that user's clients.
 * Notifying the user when someone he's talking to disconnects
 * Specifying functions to deal with netsplits and user registration
 * Add more unit tests
-* Additional [[Benchmarks|Benchmarks]]
+* Additional [[Benchmarks|Benchmarks]] (with mochiweb)
 * Making the conversation history more flexible
 * Adding wiki entries about how to build Chut
 * And much more!
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