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 The send/received ratios remain similar, and the average per client too.  The core of the chat server can thus theoretically handle over 15000 users sending each other messages every 5 second without too much degradation in response time per user. Note that at that point, the shut down of processes became a bit hard on my laptop and user timeouts started appearing (after the results were done and clients disconnected). 
-Here are the memory statistics, done with [[|erlang-statistics]]
+Here are the memory statistics, done with [[|erlang-statistics]] on a 300 seconds run.
-{{|Memory usage}}
+{{|Memory usage}}
-{{|Modules loaded}}
+{{|Modules loaded}}
 On this one, the huge IO peak is the benchmark code announcing the creation of each user process. It falls down afterwards, once the real messaging begins.
-{{|Garbage Collection}}
+{{|Garbage Collection}}
 Real world trials would be needed to further show reliability of Chut's core, but so far I'm pretty satisfied with the results.