Sexy Server Manager



To install the Sexy Server Manager, simply type:

$ hg clone ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/fernferret/servermanager

$ cd servermanager

$ pip install -r requirements.txt


You may need sudo to install the server manager:

$ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt


Right now, the SSM is in development and does not yet have the hooks to run as a service (WSGI).

You can start it up in a screen session by running the bash script in the tools folder

First Run

Copy the provided servermanager/settings.cfg.example to servermanager/settings.cfg and edit the values inside it. The big one is the STEAM_API_KEY. You can get one from here: http://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey.

To run it quickly:

$ ./runservermanager.py

Once you've started it up, simply login with steam. The first user who logs in will become an administrator and can add other users.

After this, you're on your own for now, until I feel like writing more documentation...