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README for cobutils

cobutils is a library to access data on files formated with COBOL from python programs.

The package includes ones executable to extract data from a COBOL file and another to create a file with COBOL formatted data:

$ ./cobextract.py
Usage: cobextract.py [OPTIONS] [FILE]
Extract cobol sequential data from FILE or standard input

cobextract.py: error: Record definition [-r|--reg] is required

$ ./cobcreate.py --help
Usage: cobcreate.py [OPTIONS] [CSVFILE]
Create a cobol sequential data from CSV FILE or standard input

  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  -r FILE, --reg=FILE  read register from FILE
  -o FILE, --out=FILE  output FILE
  -q, --quiet          don't print status messages to stdout

The project code and bugtracker is hosted on Bitbucket.


Using pip:

pip install cobutils

Os download and use setup

python setup.py install