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Full test coverage of library

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 __version__ = "0.1"
-from .api import Api, TooMuchArgsException,  NoArgsException
+from .api import Api
+from .api import TooMuchArgsException,  NoArgsException, HttpError
 from .parsers import RawParser, JSONParser, ObjectParser
         response = requests.get(url, **options)
         if str(response.status_code)[0] != '2':
-            raise HttpError(response.status)
+            raise HttpError(response.status_code)
         return self.parse(response.text)


 from peerreach import Api
 from peerreach import JSONParser, RawParser, ObjectParser
-from peerreach import TooMuchArgsException, NoArgsException
+from peerreach import TooMuchArgsException, NoArgsException, HttpError
 class TestParser(TestCase):
         self.assertEqual(data, json.loads(Response().text))
+    @mock.patch("requests.get")
+    def test_get_data_error(self, get):
+        class Response:
+            status_code = 500
+            text = '{"data": "test response"}'
+        get.return_value = Response()
+        api = Api()
+        test_url = "http://test"
+        self.assertRaises(HttpError, api.get_data, test_url)
     def test_user_lookup_user_id(self):
         api = DummyApi()
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