peerreach / README.txt


peerreach is a python library to access the api from

For more infor about the api go to

The last source code ant hte bugtracking is at


Install using `pip`:

    pip install peerreach

or using `easy_install`:

    easy_install peerreach


By now the api does not requre authentiation, so to use is:

    import peerreach

    api = peerreach.Api()

    # lookup one user by screen name
    userdata = api.lookup_user(screen_name="user")

    # lookup one user by user_id
    userdata = api.lookup_user(user_id=12345)

    # lookup various users by screen name
    usersdata = api.lookup_user(screen_names=("user1", "user2"))

    # lookup various users by user_ids
    usersdata = api.lookup_user(user_ids=(12345, 54321))

The data returned is a dictionary containing the data returned by the api.
You can change the deserializer to get the raw api response or the response as an

    import peerreach

    # with raw data
    api = peerreach.Api(parser=peerreach.RawPArser())
    rawdata = api.lookup_user(screen_name="user")

    # with object
    api = peerreach.Api(parser=peerreach.ObjectPArser())
    objectdata = api.lookup_user(screen_name="user")

Command Line

The package also includes a command line tool to test the api:

    $ peerreach --help
    Usage: peerreach [options] screen_name [screen_name...]

      --version   show program's version number and exit
      -h, --help  show this help message and exit
      -i, --ids   Use twitter ids instead of screen name
      -r, --raw   Show raw peerreach api output