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Johnny Cache is a caching framework for django applications. It works with the django caching abstraction, but was developed specifically with the use of memcached in mind. Its main feature is a patch on Django's ORM that automatically caches all reads in a consistent manner.

You can install johnny with pip:

pip install johnny-cache

You can fork johnny-cache from its hg repository:

hg clone

Please read The full documentation to Johnny Cache before using it as there are a few edge cases where automatic invalidation was not possible.

Recent activity

Jason Moiron

Commits by Jason Moiron were pushed to fetzig/johnny-cache

d2cdde4 - add fix for #7 for django1.1 without resorting to patching django, however had to resort to some other pretty extreme ugliness (parsing SQL with regex) ...
Jannis Leidel

Commits by Jannis Leidel were pushed to fetzig/johnny-cache

a0f9458 - Moved settings to own module and added ability to provide a separate cache backend for Johnny, e.g.: JOHNNY_CACHE_BACKEND = 'johnny.backends.memcached://...'
Jason Moiron

Commits by Jason Moiron were pushed to fetzig/johnny-cache

0e57016 - sqlite3's connection object isn't threadsafe so we can't really test some transaction features with it; use mysql or postgres to run these unit tests
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