Name: cmsplugin-photologue Description: for django-cms. provides a plugin bridge between django-cms & django-photologue, for cms plugins, page apphook attachment, and navigation extension Download:

Requirements: - django-photologue: 2.2 - django-cms-2: 2.0.1 - django: 1.1.1

Last tested with: - django-photologue: rev 405 - django-cms-2.0: rev 6dde6de4e3249bfc189c674d7f40375d6138be98 - django: 1.1.1

Setup - make sure requirements are installed and properly working - add cmsplugin_photologue to python path - add 'cmsplugin_photologue' to INSTALLED_APPS - add ('cmsplugin_photologue.urls', 'Photologue plugin app') to CMS_APPLICATIONS_URLS - add ('cmsplugin_photologue.navigation', 'Photologue plugin navigation') to CMS_APPLICATIONS_URLS - run python syncdb and, if you haven't already, photologue's python plinit - add plugins to pages, or attach 'Photologue plugin app' and 'Photologue plugin navigation' to a page (you may have to restart server process for urls to an attached page to work, something with how django-cms caches urls)

Optional - recommended: install cms-context_processors (or your own), so {{ site }} will work in photologue pages attached to cms pages - define CMSPLUGIN_PHOTOLOGUE_SAMPLE_SIZE, CMSPLUGIN_PHOTOLOGUE_CSS_CHOICES in settings - copy cmsplugin_photologue/templates/plugins/ to your project directory

Todo: - create variable to control root view displayed when attaching app to cms page - define CMSPLUGIN_PHOTOLOGUE_SAMPLE_SIZE per plugin


CMSPLUGIN_PHOTOLOGUE_CSS_CHOICES = (('0', ''),('1', 'left'),('2', 'right'),('3', 'center'),) ) - adds an optional css class to the gallery or photo enclosing div in the plugin templates

CMSPLUGIN_PHOTOLOGUE_SAMPLE_SIZE = 3 - overrides photologue.urls.SAMPLE_SIZE : 'Number of random images from the gallery to display.'

Note: This is not great code, but it works. Please tell me how to make it better!