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 .. -*-restructuredtext-*-
-== Introduction == 
 This is a template for your thesis. It holds a pretty layout, some useful but simple examples and additionally all the packages I've used for my diploma thesis.
 **Attention**: It's not for complete LaTeX beginners.
-== Modifications ==
 You'll need to read my comments (every single command is commented), because you have to modify it for the language you'll write your thesis in.
-== Uh, that's all ugly what you do ==
+Uh, that's all ugly what you do
 Please clone it and change what you want. I'll definitly review it and probably merge it to my repository. I'm open for proposals!
-== License ==
 This work is published under the "no-whining-license". Do what you want with it. But don't bother me and/or start to cry if something doesn't work.