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* About Dancer::Plugin::FollowExternalProcess

This distribution is a plugin for Dancer, the lightweight web
framework in Perl.

This plugin makes it easy to create Dancer applications that start and
stop processes, and return their output in an AJAX-friendly way.  The
processes are tracked per-session so a given user can't use another
user's processes.

* About the authors

This distribution was originally written by Uperto for SFR, a French
ISP and telecom.

* Installation

This distribution supports installation via Module::Build:

  perl [OPTIONS]
  ./Build test
  ./Build install

Check out for documentation
on how to use Module::Build installers.

Alternatively, you can trust the various CPAN clients to pull the
distribution and install it automagically, along with any dependencies
you might be missing.

* Bugs and complaints

We have the usual RT queue on, and an issue tracker on

* Contributing

Our repository can be found on Bitbucket at