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What's Floop?

Floop is an experiment with p5-mop-redux, the new MOP for Perl 5 inspired by the syntax proposed for Perl 6.

Floop is a tiny PSGI-aware Web route framework that is currently just powerful enough to include:

  • Dancer-style route matching like /foo/:bar (basic)

  • Catalyst-style route chaining (basic)

  • plugin support (rather awkwardly based on roles)

  • basic logging

  • persistent server-side sessions (via the provided Session::YAML plugin)

A link to example code will soon be found here.

Recent activity

Fabrice Gabolde

Fabrice Gabolde pushed 5 commits to fgabolde/Floop

3c57a47 - App tests, and test app creation helper.
52f9f2d - Moved default logger building into builder method.
100660e - Fixed static_files_directory attribute failing to build default value for empty configurations.
f3695e7 - Stare at default args for Views.
36baf2f - Context tests, need some more work.
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