Fabrice Gabolde avatar Fabrice Gabolde committed 6c74c2b

Plugin base class should be a proper abstract class.

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 use mop;
-class Floop::Plugin {
+class Floop::Plugin is abstract {
     use Scalar::Util qw/blessed/;
     use Module::Load;
                                    $class, $floop_class->name));
-    method install($class: $app, @rest) {
-        croak "Plugin '$class' has not implemented the 'install' method";
-    }
+    method install;
     method apply_application_plugin($class: $app, $application_plugin_name) {
         load $application_plugin_name;
 use_ok 'Floop::Plugin';
 class Floop::Plugin::Concrete extends Floop::Plugin {
+    method install { ... }
 my $app = Floop->new(configuration => Floop::Configuration->new(
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