perlbrew.el adds basic perlbrew support to Emacs.


  • Emacs 23, but probably works in 22

  • The cl package for a couple list operations

  • At least one perl brew installed (perlbrew itself is not required)


Copy perlbrew.el to your LOAD-PATH and customize perlbrew-perls-dir.

The default value is OK for default perlbrew installations (~/perl5/perlbrew/perls). It's probably a bad idea to customize this variable in the middle of a session. You should do (perlbrew-off) before customizing and turn it back on afterwards.


To switch to a perlbrew-managed perl, just do

M-x perlbrew-use BREW-NAME RET

This modifies your exec-path, PATH environment variable, and woman-path to include the specified brew's directories. WoMan's index will be rebuilt the next time `woman' is called. Now, if you run

M-! perl -v

you'll notice it reports your brewed perl's version, and WoMan can display man pages from the modules you've installed in the brewed "lib" directory. Binaries from the brewed "bin" are also available.

If you wish to return to the system perl, do

M-x perlbrew-off