Georg Brandl committed 7c0a613

#439: angle brackets in template class names can be misinterpreted as link targets. Clarify how to avoid this.

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    Reference a C++ object.  You can give the full signature (and need to, for
    overloaded functions.)
+   .. note::
+      Sphinx' syntax to give references a custom title can interfere with
+      linking to template classes, if nothing follows the closing angle
+      bracket, i.e. if the link looks like this: ``:cpp:class:`MyClass<T>```.
+      This is interpreted as a link to ``T`` with a title of ``MyClass``.
+      In this case, please escape the opening angle bracket with a backslash,
+      like this: ``:cpp:class:`MyClass\<T>```.
 .. admonition:: Note on References
    It is currently impossible to link to a specific version of an
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