Georg Brandl committed 1671fa8

Allow linking to tables just like figures with :ref:.

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     ``literalinclude`` directive.
   - #284: All docinfo metadata is now put into the document metadata, not
     just the author.
+  - The ``ref`` role can now also reference tables by caption.
 * Configuration:


      a reference ``:ref:`my-figure``` would insert a reference to the figure
      with link text "Figure caption".
+     The same works for tables that are given an explicit caption using the
+     :dudir:`table` directive.
    * Labels that aren't placed before a section title can still be referenced
      to, but you must give the link an explicit title, using this syntax:
      ``:ref:`Link title <label-name>```.


+            elif node.tagname == 'table':
+                for n in node:
+                    if n.tagname == 'title':
+                        sectname = clean_astext(n)
+                        break
+                else:
+                    continue
                 # anonymous-only labels
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