Felix Geller avatar Felix Geller committed 7f168a7

Fixed typo in ELisp snippet; adjust whitespace in template; fix event formatting

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 #     (when gcal-id
 #       (start-process 
 #        "push2gcal" "*push2gcal*" 
-#        "gcal2org.py" "me@gmail.com" "update" gcal-id "text" new-title))))
+#        "gcal2org.py" "me@gmail.com" "update" gcal-id "title" new-title))))
 # (add-hook 'org-after-todo-state-change-hook
 # 	  'fg/publish-state-entry-state-change-to-gcal) 
 ITEM = """** %s
-   :GCalId:       %s
+   :GCalId:   %s
    :When:     %s
    :Where:    %s
    :Who:      %s
   return '%s--%s' % tuple([strftime(tstamp, t) for t in (st, et)])
 def write_item(event, org_file):
-  event_id = event.id.text
+  event_id = event.id.text[52:]
   title = event.title.text
   when = date_range(event.when[0].start, event.when[0].end)
   where = event.where[0].text or 'N/A'
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