Ryan Macnak avatar Ryan Macnak committed 1218ca6

IDE cleanup: remove some dead code, fix reference to renamed class.

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 substance expand.
 super respondToOutlineSelection
-respondToPrettyPrint = (
-| prettyPrintedSource |
-prettyPrintedSource:: subject prettyPrint.
-editor enterEditState setVisualText: prettyPrintedSource
 respondToRunTest = (
 	self unimplemented. "Does this make sense for Minitest?"
-prettyPrint = (
 selector ^<Symbol> = (
 	"Answer the selector of the presented method."


 asMethodInheritanceSubject = (
-^NSMethodInheritanceSubject onModel: model
+^MethodInheritanceSubject onModel: model
 changeCategoryTo: newName ifSuccess: successBlock ifFailure: failureBlock = (
 	flag: #BOGUS.
-prettyPrint = (
-| language ast |
-language:: implementingClass language.
-ast:: language parser new methodDef parse: source readStream.
-^ASTPrinter new visit: ast
 superclass = (
 	initializer notEmpty ifTrue:
 		[stream nextPutAll: ' = ', (shorten: initializer toFirstCROrCharacters: 40)]."
 	^stream contents
-slotVisibility = (
-	slotMirror isPrivate ifTrue: [^'private'].
-	slotMirror isProtected ifTrue: [^'protected'].
-	slotMirror isPublic ifTrue: [^'public'].
-	^''
 colorizeSource: sourceText <Text | String> ^<Text> = (
 ^NS2BrowserColorizer new
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