Ryan Macnak  committed d6b0d3e

Re #10, remove Versions menu item from methods. This used to derive method history based on Monticello, but this won't return anything interesting anymore (i.e., just the current version). It would be nice to reintroduce it based on the new source control, but the performance of parsing many module definitions to find the method may be an issue.

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File Browsing.ns3

 	labelsAndActions::  {
 		'Delete #', subject selector -> [respondToDelete].
-		'Versions' -> [respondToVersions].
+		"'Versions' -> [respondToVersions]."
 		"'Pretty Print' -> [respondToPrettyPrint]."
 		'Inspect Presenter' -> [respondToInspectPresenter].

File Debugging.ns3

 methodActionsMenu = (
 	^menuWithLabelsAndActions: {
-		'Versions' -> [respondToVersions].
+		"'Versions' -> [respondToVersions]."
 		subject isBlockActivation
 			ifTrue: ['Restart block' -> [respondToRestart]]
 			ifFalse: ['Restart method' -> [respondToRestart]].