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Proper implementation for includesSelector:

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 allSubclassesDoGently: block = (
 	self allSubclassesDo: block
-includesSelector: sel = (
-	^false
+includesSelector: sel <Symbol> ^<Boolean> = (
+	"Answer whether the message whose selector is the argument is in the 
+	method dictionary of the receiver's class."
+	^ self methodDict includesKey: sel 
 methodDictionary = (
 	format: fmt.
 )'instance creation'
 basicNew = (
+	"<primitive: 70>"
 	^vmmirror instaniateFixedClass: self ifFail: [self halt]
 basicNew: sizeRequested = (
+	"<primitive: 71>"
 	^vmmirror instaniateVariableClass: self withSize: sizeRequested ifFail: [self halt]
 new = (
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