Armin Rigo committed 1253ece

Fix annotation error in test_ztranslation

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 from pypy.interpreter.typedef import TypeDef, GetSetProperty
 from pypy.objspace.std.bytesobject import W_BytesObject
 from pypy.objspace.std.floattype import float_typedef
-from pypy.objspace.std.unicodeobject import W_UnicodeObject, unicode_from_object
+from pypy.objspace.std.unicodeobject import W_UnicodeObject
 from pypy.objspace.std.inttype import int_typedef
 from pypy.objspace.std.complextype import complex_typedef
 from rpython.rlib.rarithmetic import LONG_BIT
     def descr__new__unicode_box(space, w_subtype, w_arg):
         from pypy.module.micronumpy.interp_dtype import new_unicode_dtype
-        arg = space.unicode_w(unicode_from_object(space, w_arg))
+        arg = space.unicode_w(space.unicode_from_object(w_arg))
         # XXX size computations, we need tests anyway
         arr = VoidBoxStorage(len(arg), new_unicode_dtype(space, len(arg)))
         # XXX not this way, we need store


         ec._py_repr = None
         return ec
+    def unicode_from_object(self, w_obj):
+        return w_some_obj()
     # ----------
     def translates(self, func=None, argtypes=None, seeobj_w=[], **kwds):


             return w_obj.intval
         return ObjSpace.getindex_w(self, w_obj, w_exception, objdescr)
+    def unicode_from_object(self, w_obj):
+        from pypy.objspace.std.unicodeobject import unicode_from_object
+        return unicode_from_object(self, w_obj)
     def call_method(self, w_obj, methname, *arg_w):
         if self.config.objspace.opcodes.CALL_METHOD:
             return callmethod.call_method_opt(self, w_obj, methname, *arg_w)
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