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File pypy/doc/stackless.rst

 Continulets can be directly used by application code, or it is possible
 to write (entirely at app-level) more user-friendly interfaces.
-Currently PyPy implements greenlets_ on top of continulets.  It would be
-easy to implement tasklets and channels as well, emulating the model
+Currently PyPy implements greenlets_ on top of continulets.  It also
+implements (an approximation of) tasklets and channels, emulating the model
 of `Stackless Python`_.
 Continulets are extremely light-weight, which means that PyPy should be

File rpython/config/

                          ("translation.gcrootfinder", DEFL_ROOTFINDER_WITHJIT),
                          ("translation.list_comprehension_operations", True)]),
     ChoiceOption("jit_backend", "choose the backend for the JIT",
-                 ["auto", "x86", "x86-without-sse2", 'armv7'],
+                 ["auto", "x86", "x86-without-sse2", 'armv7', 'armv7hf', 'armv6hf'],
                  default="auto", cmdline="--jit-backend"),
     ChoiceOption("jit_profiler", "integrate profiler support into the JIT",
                  ["off", "oprofile"],

File rpython/translator/goal/

     return result
 translate_optiondescr = OptionDescription("translate", "XXX", [
-    StrOption("targetspec", "XXX", default='../../../pypy/goal/targetpypystandalone',
+    StrOption("targetspec", "XXX", default='targetpypystandalone',
                  "optimization level", OPT_LEVELS, default=DEFAULT_OPT_LEVEL,