Ronan Lamy committed e88f8ea

Remove ootype support from rvirtualizable2

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         return virtualizable_box.getref(llmemory.GCREF)
     def is_vtypeptr(self, TYPE):
-        return rvirtualizable2.match_virtualizable_type(TYPE, self.VTYPEPTR)
+        return TYPE == self.VTYPEPTR
 # ____________________________________________________________


 from rpython.rtyper.rmodel import inputconst, log
 from rpython.rtyper.lltypesystem import lltype
-from rpython.rtyper.ootypesystem import ootype
 from rpython.rtyper.rclass import AbstractInstanceRepr, FieldListAccessor
 def replace_force_virtualizable_with_call(graphs, VTYPEPTR, funcptr):
-    # funcptr should be an ll or oo function pointer with a VTYPEPTR argument
+    # funcptr should be a function pointer with a VTYPEPTR argument
     c_funcptr = inputconst(lltype.typeOf(funcptr), funcptr)
     count = 0
     for graph in graphs:
             newoplist = []
             for i, op in enumerate(block.operations):
                 if (op.opname == 'jit_force_virtualizable' and
-                    match_virtualizable_type(op.args[0].concretetype,
-                                             VTYPEPTR)):
+                        op.args[0].concretetype == VTYPEPTR):
                     if op.args[-1].value.get('access_directly', False):
                     op.opname = 'direct_call'
             block.operations = newoplist
     log("replaced %d 'jit_force_virtualizable' with %r" % (count, funcptr))
-def match_virtualizable_type(TYPE, VTYPEPTR):
-    if isinstance(TYPE, ootype.Instance):
-        # ootype only: any subtype may be used
-        return ootype.isSubclass(TYPE, VTYPEPTR)
-    else:
-        # lltype, or ootype with a TYPE that is e.g. an ootype.Record
-        return TYPE == VTYPEPTR