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 import (
-	"goplan9.googlecode.com/hg/plan9"
+	"code.google.com/p/goplan9/plan9"
 func main() {
 package plumb
 import (
-	"os"
+	"code.google.com/p/goplan9/plan9/client"
-	"goplan9.googlecode.com/hg/plan9/client"
 var once sync.Once
 var fsys *client.Fsys
-var fsysErr os.Error
+var fsysErr error
 func mountPlumb() {
 	fsys, fsysErr = client.MountService("plumb")
 // Open opens the plumb port named port using access mode omode.
-func Open(port string, omode uint8) (*Port, os.Error) {
+func Open(port string, omode uint8) (*Port, error) {
 	if fsysErr != nil {
 		return nil, fsysErr
 // Send writes the message msg to the plumb port.
-func (port *Port) Send(msg *Msg) os.Error {
+func (port *Port) Send(msg *Msg) error {
 	b := packMsg(msg)
 	fid := (*client.Fid)(port)
 	n, err := fid.Write(b)
 // Close closes the plumb port.
-func (port *Port) Close() os.Error {
+func (port *Port) Close() error {
 	return (*client.Fid)(port).Close()
 package plumb
 import (
+	"code.google.com/p/goplan9/plan9/client"
-	"goplan9.googlecode.com/hg/plan9/client"
 type Port client.Fid
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