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                     # generate "#: file1:line1 file2:line2 ..."
                     pofile.write(u"#: %s\n" % ", ".join("%s:%s" %
-                        (path.relpath(source, self.srcdir), line)
+                        (path.relpath(source, self.outdir), line)
                         for source, line, _ in positions))
                     # generate "# uuid1\n# uuid2\n ..."
                     pofile.write(u"# %s\n" % "\n# ".join(uid for _, _, uid


     # The object tag works fine on Firefox and WebKit
     # Besides it's a hack, this strategy does not mess with templates.
     imgcss = imgcls and ' class="%s"' % imgcls or ''
-    return '<object type="image/svg+xml" data="%s"%s%s/>\n' % \
+    return '<object type="image/svg+xml" data="%s"%s%s></object>\n' % \
            (svgref, imgcss, style)


     def visit_admonition(self, node, name=None):
         if name:
             self.body.append('.IP %s\n' %
-                             admonitionlabels.get(name, name))
+                             self.deunicode(admonitionlabels.get(name, name)))
     def visit_productionlist(self, node):
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