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doc / Demo backends used in Bremen's workshop + instructions

Resources used during workshop demo in the following repository:

First set of instructions to follow:

  1. Business Architect should consider exiting capability types to include in the process. In case needed, new capability type can be created.
  2. Business Architect creates a Business Process template including the capability types to use.
  3. Steps 1 and 2 can be done using Frontend
  4. Create a BCM configuration file setting the Id of the business process template created in step 2. This operation can be done using SDK.
  5. Create a BCM configuration project in SDK and modify accordingly
  6. Update BCM configuration using SDK
  7. Business Architect creates a EPM Configuration file using Authoring tool provided by EPM module
  8. Expert system developer creates a Capability where it is defined the URL of expert system backend
  9. Another developer, who wants to use capability created in step 6 (expert system), creates a capability to receive resources available notification
  10. Creation of a business process linking capabilities created in step 6 and 7.
  11. Application developer (the one who creates business process) creates a data channel through which data will be sent
  12. Application developer (the one who creates business process) create a trigger setting EPM configuration file (created in step 5) + business process created in step 8
  13. Operation 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 can be done using Fronted.
  14. Application developer (the one who has created the channel) sends data to the platform using the client provide. Beware of using correct business process id + channel id.