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The Operating Environment ensures the technical interoperability and communication of (possibly distributed) FIspace components and FIspace Apps and the consistent behav-iour of the FIspace, including:

  • A Cloud Service Bus (CSB) to support the interaction of FIspace components and Apps, which is based on peer-to-peer overlay technology, supporting (1) eventual consistency, (2) events bus, (3) management logic, (4) Pub/Sub abstraction for in-formation dissemination, (5) a bulletin board abstraction for filtering and orchestra-tion, (6) queues supporting various QoS for delivery and execution (e.g., once only or multiple readers);
  • Replication and consistency service to ensure fault-tolerance and transaction support, which is partition tolerant and guarantees strong consistency (when need-ed);
  • Facilitation of the management of the “composed service (application)” life-cycle, based on IaaS Cloud related OSS and BSS (planned to be provided by FI-WARE);
  • Operational registry for maintaining runtime attributes and supporting real-time operations;
  • Multi-tenancy support, with the least effort from the developers (both FIspace de-velopers and App developers);
  • Monitoring of KPIs and health, automate the operation, enforce the SLA, facilitate the problem determination, continuous optimizing the runtime. The Operating Environment provides automation supporting the application lifecycle and support a “scale out” design model that is decentralized with redundancy for failure tolerance and auto recovery. It supports eventual consistency, as well as strong con-sistency asynchronous models.


You can find the FIspace CSB technical manual here.