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The Software Development Toolkit (SDK) provides tool-support for the development of FIspace Apps. The SDK will ease the work of App developers during the implementation of the Apps, providing specific tools and hiding the complexity of the platform. Particularly, the SDK includes:

  • Tooling (specifically an Integrated Development Environment, IDE), which is built on Eclipse. Eclipse is widely adopted by the development community and supported by the Eclipse foundation. The FIspace SDK offers functionalities such as (1) integration of Eclipse JDT (e.g., classpath containers) or Eclipse PDE; (2) providing access to Javadoc for all referenced elements (FIspace modules) and auto-completion support; (3) visual management of components and case modelling will be provided.
  • Libraries to link with the System and Data Integration component in order to manage the FIspace Capability Model through other programming languages (JavaScript, PHP, Python, C#).

Complementing the SDK, there is a set of tools targeted to business architects for customizing and extending the FIspace to the individual needs of Users. This includes tools for authoring of Business Entities and Event Rules (see B2B component), as well as configuring mediators and connectors to backend systems (see System and Data Integration ).


Getting started with SDK plugins

Getting started with FIspaceStudio Tool

You can find the FIspace SDK app developer manual here

You can find the FIspace SDK technical manual here.