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The FIspace Store is a tool-supported infrastructure for the provisioning, consumptions, purchase, and re-use of IT-solutions for seamless business collaboration. The FIspace Store supports the Financial Management of Apps (pricing, payment, revenue sharing) for both End-Users and App Developers.

The FIspace Store provides the core elements for the monetization of Apps throughout the Fispace ecosystem. App Developers publish and manage the financial aspects of Apps, while End-Users seach and consume Apps.

App Developers are provided with an Apps Interface discovery system, publication support tools and financial management tools. The Apps Interface discovery system is used to reuse functionality and build mashup applications. The publication support tool provides an integrated compliance check that eases the publishing of new Apps. The financial management tools enable developers to run statistics, define revenue models and share revenue with any involved partner (e.g. developer of re-used component).

End-Users are provided with a search, purchase and execution support system. The search system allows End-Users to find applications according to a set of parameters. The purchase support system guides End-Users in the purchase process for Apps. The execution support system provide End-Users with download and installation guides, in case of locally run Apps, and access control systems for Apps executing in the Cloud. A simple right management system enable End-Users to customize Apps after purchasing.


Currently Wstore allows all users to publish applications as individuals. When users belong to an organization, they then need to have specific roles to be able to publish or purchase applications organization-wide.


You can find the FIspace App Store technical manual here.