Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone Movie Free Download Hd

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DOWNLOAD: http://urllio.com/ramxg


Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone Movie Free Download Hd

DOWNLOAD: http://urllio.com/ramxg

Video game adaptation of the first Harry Potter novel from J.K. Rowling's popular boy-wizard series.
Video game adaptation of the first Harry Potter novel from J.K. Rowling's popular boy-wizard series. Meet up with Ron and Hermione, learn to fly a broom and play Quidditch, collect wizard cards, discover secret passages at Hogwarts, cast magic spells... all to the end of defeating You-Know-Who and stopping his evil plans for the Sorcerer's Stone.
Wonderful as a book, this, the first of the Harry Potter stories has been very skillfully turned into a screen delight. The sets, the effects, the cast are very true to the book. Some adaption to the plot has occurred, but with no detriment to the story. This is a movie for all ages.
I have played this game and i must say that i am amazed how close it is to the book. for those who havent read the books but are fans of the first movie i would suggest that you read the book first as there are some tasks in the game that where not in the movie. the potions game on the way to the stone is a perfect example. even though i love the game i give it a 8 as i have never been able to complete it straight to the end with out using the lvl cheat to get past fluffy but i still recommend it to anyone who is interested in a game that challenges the mind while entertaining the senses.

Yes it was and it follows the film more closely than it does with the PC, PlayStation and Gameboy versions
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