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File pypyembed/README
+It's important that the checkout is somewhere *inside* the unpacked binary,
+otherwise it'll complain about lack of sys.prefix working.
 you need few libraries, including zlib and libffi. In case you run into
 difficulties with, run it like this:

File pypyembed/

 pypy_call_function.argtypes = [c_char_p, c_long, POINTER(py_object)]
 pypy_call_function.restype = py_object
-pypy_main_startup(3, (c_char_p * 3)("pypy-c", "-c", "pass"))
+pypy_main_startup(3, (c_char_p * 3)("python", "-c", "pass"))
 def addr(obj):
     return addressof(py_object(obj))