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hack2 / pypyembed / README

This is an incredibly gross hack. It embeds pypy built with --shared with
cpython for numpy computations. Right now it does leak refcounts (as it's really
just a prove of concept), so don't use it.

The main exported function is embed.export_function (demo can be seen in
example.py). It exports the function (with it's source, but without links
to globals, so you need to reimport everything) and runs it under pypy.

Right now you can pass ints, floats and numpy arrays to the underlaying
function. Only what is tested in test/test_example.py is known to be working.

To reproduce either download pypy binary (64bit linux) from:


you need few libraries, including zlib and libffi. In case you run into
difficulties with libffi.so.5, run it like this:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<unpacked-binary-path> python example.py <path-to-unpacked.so>

or just compile pypy (from branch pypy-in-a-box) with a command:

cd <pypy-checkout>/pypy/translator/goal
./translate.py -Ojit --gcrootfinder=shadowstack --shared targetpypystandalone.py --translationmodules --withmod-micronumpy --objspace-std-withembeddingapi

All those options are needed, except --translationmodules which enables
less modules and thus makes the translation faster.

numpy needs to be installed.

Run with

python example.py <path-to-unpacked-or-built-libpypy-c.so>