pypy-postgresql / lib-python / 2.7 / distutils / command /


Implements the Distutils 'install_scripts' command, for installing
Python scripts."""

# contributed by Bastian Kleineidam

__revision__ = "$Id$"

import os
from distutils.core import Command
from distutils import log
from stat import ST_MODE

class install_scripts (Command):

    description = "install scripts (Python or otherwise)"

    user_options = [
        ('install-dir=', 'd', "directory to install scripts to"),
        ('build-dir=','b', "build directory (where to install from)"),
        ('force', 'f', "force installation (overwrite existing files)"),
        ('skip-build', None, "skip the build steps"),

    boolean_options = ['force', 'skip-build']

    def initialize_options (self):
        self.install_dir = None
        self.force = 0
        self.build_dir = None
        self.skip_build = None

    def finalize_options (self):
        self.set_undefined_options('build', ('build_scripts', 'build_dir'))
                                   ('install_scripts', 'install_dir'),
                                   ('force', 'force'),
                                   ('skip_build', 'skip_build'),

    def run (self):
        if not self.skip_build:
        self.outfiles = self.copy_tree(self.build_dir, self.install_dir)
        if == 'posix':
            # Set the executable bits (owner, group, and world) on
            # all the scripts we just installed.
            for file in self.get_outputs():
                if self.dry_run:
          "changing mode of %s", file)
                    mode = ((os.stat(file)[ST_MODE]) | 0555) & 07777
          "changing mode of %s to %o", file, mode)
                    os.chmod(file, mode)

    def get_inputs (self):
        return self.distribution.scripts or []

    def get_outputs(self):
        return self.outfiles or []

# class install_scripts