pypy-postgresql / lib-python / 2.7 / idlelib /

# Sample extension: zoom a window to maximum height

import re
import sys

from idlelib import macosxSupport

class ZoomHeight:

    menudefs = [
        ('windows', [
            ('_Zoom Height', '<<zoom-height>>'),

    def __init__(self, editwin):
        self.editwin = editwin

    def zoom_height_event(self, event):
        top =

def zoom_height(top):
    geom = top.wm_geometry()
    m = re.match(r"(\d+)x(\d+)\+(-?\d+)\+(-?\d+)", geom)
    if not m:
    width, height, x, y = map(int, m.groups())
    newheight = top.winfo_screenheight()
    if sys.platform == 'win32':
        newy = 0
        newheight = newheight - 72

    elif macosxSupport.runningAsOSXApp():
        # The '88' below is a magic number that avoids placing the bottom
        # of the window below the panel on my machine. I don't know how
        # to calculate the correct value for this with tkinter.
        newy = 22
        newheight = newheight - newy - 88

        #newy = 24
        newy = 0
        #newheight = newheight - 96
        newheight = newheight - 88
    if height >= newheight:
        newgeom = ""
        newgeom = "%dx%d+%d+%d" % (width, newheight, x, newy)
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