pypy-postgresql / lib-python / 2.7 / test /

# PyOS_ascii_formatd is deprecated and not called from anywhere in
#  Python itself. So this module is the only place it gets tested.
# Test that it works, and test that it's deprecated.

import unittest
from test.test_support import check_warnings, run_unittest, import_module
from test.test_support import check_impl_detail

if not check_impl_detail(cpython=True):
    raise unittest.SkipTest("this test is only for CPython")

# Skip tests if _ctypes module does not exist

from ctypes import pythonapi, create_string_buffer, sizeof, byref, c_double
PyOS_ascii_formatd = pythonapi.PyOS_ascii_formatd

class FormatDeprecationTests(unittest.TestCase):

    def test_format_deprecation(self):
        buf = create_string_buffer(' ' * 100)

        with check_warnings(('PyOS_ascii_formatd is deprecated',
            PyOS_ascii_formatd(byref(buf), sizeof(buf), '%+.10f',
            self.assertEqual(buf.value, '+10.0000000000')

class FormatTests(unittest.TestCase):
    # ensure that, for the restricted set of format codes,
    # %-formatting returns the same values os PyOS_ascii_formatd
    def test_format(self):
        buf = create_string_buffer(' ' * 100)

        tests = [
            ('%f', 100.0),
            ('%g', 100.0),
            ('%#g', 100.0),
            ('%#.2g', 100.0),
            ('%#.2g', 123.4567),
            ('%#.2g', 1.234567e200),
            ('%e', 1.234567e200),
            ('%e', 1.234),
            ('%+e', 1.234),
            ('%-e', 1.234),

        with check_warnings(('PyOS_ascii_formatd is deprecated',
            for format, val in tests:
                PyOS_ascii_formatd(byref(buf), sizeof(buf), format,
                self.assertEqual(buf.value, format % val)

def test_main():
    run_unittest(FormatDeprecationTests, FormatTests)

if __name__ == '__main__':