1. Maciej Fijalkowski
  2. pypy-postgresql


pypy-postgresql / pypy / module / cpyext / include / pymath.h

#ifndef Py_PYMATH_H
#define Py_PYMATH_H

Symbols and macros to supply platform-independent interfaces to mathematical
functions and constants

/* HUGE_VAL is supposed to expand to a positive double infinity.  Python
 * uses Py_HUGE_VAL instead because some platforms are broken in this
 * respect.  We used to embed code in pyport.h to try to worm around that,
 * but different platforms are broken in conflicting ways.  If you're on
 * a platform where HUGE_VAL is defined incorrectly, fiddle your Python
 * config to #define Py_HUGE_VAL to something that works on your platform.
#ifndef Py_HUGE_VAL

#endif /* Py_PYMATH_H */